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We offer customized solutions for teams & departments on the following themes:

1. Negotiations
  • planning an effective negotiating strategy
  • preparing for negotiation or series of negotiations
  • conducting a negotiation to gain the desired short term and long term results
2. Cross Border Meetings
  • managing meetings effectively to develop consensus, teamwork and collaboration
  • managing disagreement and conflict in meetings
  • chairing meetings efficiently, and being clear about the objectives set for a meeting
3. Effective Chairing & Moderation
  • guiding a group through the different phases of an event
  • mastering the basic elements of good communication and knowledge transfer
  • practising the methods for steering group work and handling group dynamics
4. Presenting with Impact
  • understanding the strategies of how to prepare a convincing presentation
  • impoving your self-image, personal style in order to feel secure and centered
  • turning your PowerPoint into a a memorable dialogue with the audience
5. Effective Cross Border Teams
  • developing and communicating mission, vision and values
  • mastering techniques for removing barriers and building trust among your team
  • ensuring the team possess the necessary knowledge and skills
6. Time Management
  • learning effective techniques to overcome the main time wasters
  • understanding how to create and prioritize high-value goals and delegation
  • dealing with email, interruptions, low priority requests and procrastination
7. Finance, Controlling, Insurance & Banking
  • mastering terminology from the banking, auditing and insurance world
  • drafting and reading English letters, reports and annual accounts
  • presenting annual accounts & justifying budgets
8. Human Resources, Personnel & Employee Development
  • demonstrating accurate use of international HR and training terminology
  • improving interview and employee feedback & development discussions
  • working more effectively with both internal clients and external partners
9. Logistics, Procurement & Supply Chain Management
  • expanding vocabulary related to logistics, supply chains and international trade
  • making transport arrangements and discussing details
  • writing logistics-related texts, such as emails, offers and confirmations
10. Technical Project Management
  • setting roles and responsibilities in project management teams
  • estimating the project budget and creating task flow charts
  • responding to and monitoring risks and change requests