Tailor made business courses, workshops and translations to meet your specific needs

» About us – Philosophy

In an increasingly complex world, the distances between teams, companies and countries are reducing. Globalisation is the future as is the increased need for English.

Communication is more than just speaking. Beyond simply using a language, key skills improve the ability to present, negotiate, debate and persuade. These are universal business skills pivotal for success in daily business.

No matter what we do and where we do it – culture shapes us. An understanding of foreign business and an awareness of the role national culture plays in communication are decisive factors for success in today’s global marketplace.

BENFIELD helps companies try to achieve success by providing quality skills training to improve the communications competency levels. Since 2005, BENFIELD has been providing tailored business courses, workshops and translations to companies in order to meet the specific needs of particular groups of employees.

Reputation for Quality
BENFIELD is a recognised name among our clients having built up a reputation for providing quality programmes that specialise in developing communication skills necessary for the workplace.

Flexible Course Design and Delivery
All our courses and workshops allow for flexibility and therefore, can be tailor made to a company and its staff's requirements and objectives.

Proven Methodology
Courses, whether they are company based, online, for a particular target group or one-to-one, follow the same four steps to ensure the focus is achieved:

• Pre-course analysis and research
• Production of course material
• Seminar and Workshop presentation
• Post-course analysis and review