Use the following options to complete the statements below:

summed up / clear up / attention / further clarification/ illustrates / attending / have / remember / retaining / answered / mentioned / covered / identified / said / to move

To sum up, I have three areas we need to work on.

I want to thank you all for today.

I'd now like on to…"

Does anyone a question?

That my opinion of the new programs.

What we have to is that our competitors also have a good product.

We need to concentrate on customers and that means customer service.

I’ve the points I needed to present today.

I hope I’ve all of your questions.

Having the features, now let's move onto....

This ties in with my original statement…

As I at the beginning…"

This chart the figures…"

So you would like on our strategy?"

I am sure we will be able to any misunderstandings.

Thank you for your . I'd be glad to answer any questions you might have."